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31st October 2006

drneko8:46am: Rock Man Scanlation - Chapter 11 online
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Any Rockman X fan might like to see what zelda_zero, Phil, and I been working on: the Rockman X scanlation project. I recently finished Chapter 11. Everyone can see the archive on my web site: http://www.drneko.com/scanlation/rmseries/rmx/manga/index.php.

15th May 2005

yuki_usagi8:36am: Rookie Hunter
Yes, I know this place is dead, but I got the grand idea of trying to bring it back to the grave by posting this fic I found. I found it on a Megaman site, so I don't know if it's okay to do a Mary Sue report of this. If it is okay then I'll happly post the link for all to read. If not, then I'll delete this post and pray I don't get in trouble..

Story Or Series Title:
Zero and Iris' Wedding: A Second Chance At Love 

Mega Man X

Maverick Authors' Name:
Mystery Man

Full Name (plus titles if any):
Iris Thron

Full Species(es):

Hair Color (include adjectives):

Eye Color (include adjectives):

Unusual Markings/Colorations:
None (Thank Gawd)

Armor (or outfit):
It's what she's was wearing from X4.

Special Possessions (if any):
She has a pink dairy if that counts.

Annoying Origin:
Well she was dead after X 4, until some idiot brought Iris's corpse to Dr.Pine (Did anyone start to think about Pokemon just by hearing his name?) where he took two years to repair her.

Annoying Connections To Canon Characters:
Cricky, she IS a cannon. Also she gets married to a extremely OOC Zero. I mean, Zero has become more a whimp than good ol' X.

Annoying Special Abilities:
Being able to sing some song from "A Walk To Remenber" with her little pet Zero.

Other Annoying Traits:
Being able to recap EVERYTHING from X4 AND everything that happened during the fic itself.

8th May 2005

mingyi12:26pm: Tra la la la.
Newcomer here. Stories are crossposted at marysues and exe_policeforce. Some posts of Mary Sues I have come across are here, here, here, and here to save space.
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29th January 2004

zayas_man5:58pm: Zayasman returns!
Reported By: Zayas Man

When three writers come together to make a Mary Sue, I would hope it would turn out to be a decent one. However after reading this, I have never been more wrong.

Story Or Series Title: I don't care about the Maverick Hunters
Fandom: Mega Man X
Maverick Authors' Name: Midi Nathali, GavesnakeX and Gavesnake's cousin Laura.

Full Name (plus titles if any): Midi Nathali
Full Species(es): Reploid
Hair Color (include adjectives): Black
Eye Color (include adjectives): It could be red, blue or even green. Apparently all three authors couldn't decide on one or simply, they didn't care.
Unusual Markings/Colorations: None
Armor (or outfit): Dark purple armor
Special Possessions (if any): Saber and blaster, the usual typical Mary Sue weapons

Annoying Origin: A reploid in the special 0 unit who was taught by X and Zero. Apparently she is part cat since she meows every once in a while
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: She is in wuv with Dynamo and doesn't want to hunt him down. But alas, Zero also has feelings for her!
Annoying Special Abilities: none, she is just plain annoying.
Other Annoying Traits: Besides with sleeping with Reploids, she has an annoying trait to be late for meetings.

sampleCollapse )
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12th January 2004

megasues8:02pm: Reminder
Since I'm pretty busy/sick right now, I'm reminding that any members of this journal can post a report here.


go for it!

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2nd January 2004

zayas_man3:13pm: Déjà vu?
Reported By: Zayas Man

At a first glance, this Mary Sue bears a striking resemblance to Bitter Rivaly, which is another Mary Sue I reported. (see below) Upon a closer look, I can definitely say this is much worse.

Story Or Series Title: MegaZero
Fandom: Megaman X
Maverick Author's Name: Trunks Goddess

Full Name (plus titles if any): MegaZero (The author is not even trying to be original..how sad)
Full Species(es): Reploid
Hair Color (include adjectives): Blond
Eye Color (include adjectives): blue
Unusual Markings/Colorations: None
Armor (or outfit): she wears a purple armor
Special Possessions (if any): She carries a sword
Annoying Origin: She was assigned to become Zero and X's new roommate.
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: Ever since she has arrived, Zero starts having feelings for her. She also becomes Iris' rival for Zero.
Annoying Special Abilities: The only thing she does is swing her sword and making Iris jealous

sampleCollapse )
Find the rest here: https://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1374355&chapter=6
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1st January 2004

zayas_man10:48pm: Happy New Year!
Reported By: the suave Zayas Man

Happy New Year to all! There is nothing like reading a Mary Sue about Zero's first day in high school to start the new year.

Story Or Series Title: Another Side, Another Story
Fandom: Mega Man
Maverick Author's Name: Rhiannon0

Full Name (plus titles if any): Rhiannon (aka the Reploid known as Phoenix but thats suppose to be a secret
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<_<>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

<b>Reported By:</b> the suave Zayas Man

Happy New Year to all! There is nothing like reading a Mary Sue about Zero's first day in high school to start the new year.

<B>Story Or Series Title:</B> Another Side, Another Story
<B>Fandom:</B> Mega Man
<B><STRIKE>Maverick</STRIKE> Author's Name:</B> Rhiannon0

<B>Full Name (plus titles if any):</B> Rhiannon (aka the Reploid known as Phoenix but thats suppose to be a secret <_< >_> )
<B>Full Species(es):</B> Reploid
<B>Hair Color (include adjectives):</B> Dark Green
<B>Eye Color (include adjectives):</B> Emerald Green
<B>Unusual Markings/Colorations:</B> None
<b>Armor (or outfit)</b>: Whether its a shirt during school or light armor, she always wears red.
<B>Special Possessions (if any):</B> none

<B>Annoying Origin:</B> Zero's first day of high school (as a spy of course) gets a bit more interesting when this Mary Sue shows up. Despite his best efforts to ditch her, she shows him around the campus.
<B>Annoying Connections To Canon Characters:</B> She literally latches onto him and never lets him go. Heck, she even invites her to her house on the same day she meets him!
<B>Annoying Special Abilities:</B> She is a schitzo. When she gets upset, her emerald eyes change to a dark, fiery blood red color.
<B>Other Annoying Traits:</B> The most annoying trait she has is calling Zero, "Z" since Zero is too formal. For some reason that really angers me. She also has a bad habit to daze out of reality every now and then.

<lj-cut text=sample>
<B>Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:</B>
<I>Rhiannon speedwalked into the classroom to her seat in the corner next to the teacher's desk. Her new "pupil" was following behind, when she was suddenly stopped by a yell.

"Hey Rhini, what's up!?"

The long blonde haired boy crashed into her, nearly knocking her over. "Sorry."

"That's okay," she whispered. "Well Sports, not much, just showing 'round the newb." The girl Rhiannon had addressed was taller than she was. in fact, it seemed most of the people here were taller than Rhini. She had brown hair that was almost blonde, due to the numerous manmade streaks running through it. Just as Zero was getting his bearings again, the girl Rhini had called 'Sports' was rolling up her pantleg.</I>
<B>Sports? How...unoriginal</B>

<I>"Well, that's cool. Dude, check out this bruise I got at last night's game. pretty gross huh?"

"Err... that's lovely Sports," Rhini replied, both appalled and amazed at the fact that Sports could get a bruise that big. Turning around to face Zero, she said "That's Sporty, but we call her Sports. She plays basketball. and rough too." Turning back to Sporty, she continued on with her introduction. "Sports, this is. err."


"What he said," she finished. She hadn't thought to ask him before. I must've sounded so stupid, stuttering like that. But what did she care? She didn't like guys, mostly because they didn't like her. Besides, after today he'd be on his own and she'd be able to doodle her artwork in peace.

"Are you. that Zero?" Sporty asked.

"Err. no, of course not." Oops. He should learn to think before he speaks. It never was his strong point.

During all of this, Rhini's eyes had gone blank and expressionless as she became lost in her own thoughts. "Rhini.?" Zero's words caught her attention. "Huh?" was all she replied with.

"Don't worry 'bout her," Sports interrupted. "She does it all the time."

"Maybe." Rhiannon whispered as she began to slip away again. Catching herself, she glanced around the room to the teacher's desk. "Oh, a substitute. Same from yesterday. Miss Looney's out with pneumonia, and never gives work while away. She says the subs only lose it, if the kids actually do any." She sat at her desk, dragging a free chair with her as she went. "Sit here," she addressed Zero. "I want to talk with you."

"You in trouble now," said Sports. "Once she gets talking you can't shut her up." Zero ignored her. Talk, huh? Why does she suddenly want to talk? A minute ago I could barely get her attention, now she wants to talk? What did she dream up in that little daze out of hers?

As he went around to the chair Rhini had offered, he took a good look at the substitute and nearly jumped. Well if I knew he was going to be here anyways, I never would have let Signas talk me into it! He walked to the substitute, with his feet up on the teacher's desk, and whispered "Don't tell anyone Axl. I don't need everyone knowing I got stuck following a girl around first day." Axl simply gave him this 'no duh' look as Zero went back with the girl.

"What was all that about?" she asked.

"That? Nothing. Just saying hello. He's."


"Err. he was my. home schooling teacher. Yeah."</I>
<B>Axl as Zero's homeschool teacher? There is an amusing thought</B>
<I>"Nifty. I didn't know they still had home schooling." The two looked at each other in a seemingly endless moment of nervous silence.

"So, uhm." She looked at him with her full attention, as she always did with everyone, minus their principal. Is he nervous about something? Why.? Oh, doesn't matter, it probably isn't important anyway. "You wanted to talk to me?"

"Yeah." Hmm. so much to ask, and no idea where to start. "Can I just call you Z? It's just, Zero seems so. formal. Not that there's anything wrong with it of course, it's just everyone has a different name around here."

"Sure, fine." Well, at least it would help stop the tide of '.that Zero?' questions. "On the other side of this discussion, what's your real name?"

"Rhiannon. but like I said, this school isn't big on formality."

"That's a really pretty name, Rhiannon." Wait. why the hell did I just say that? I must be going crazy.

"Stop." She could feel herself turning red. "Just call me Rhini. So, anything you really wanna know?"

"Well, I think I understand the schedule, and I'm pretty sure that I won't get lost by the time today is over." He knew he wouldn't be staying long term here, but he couldn't help but ask. "What does the school do every year? Like, do they have parties and such?"

"Of course, what's a school year without prom? Oh, but you missed homecoming, that was last month. I didn't go, so you'd have to ask someone who knows dances. Oh, and there's the school play. I doubt anyone can get in now though, auditions were two weeks ago. And we already had the talent show. So that leaves." She thought for a moment, ticking off events on her fingers. ". Junior Prom and the Christmas Ball. Prom hasn't been planned yet, but I think it's gonna be sometime in May. The Christmas Ball though is always on the eve of the holiday, always has been, always will be. It's the only dance that's ever put on during a vacation. But that's about it. Everything else is being played by ear at this point. But now I have a question. Where do you come from? I mean, I've never seen you around at all, except when I spotted you walking this morning. So if you walk, you must not live too far from me."

"Well, I don't go out much. Like I said I had home schooling." I really should think of these things before I leave Base. "Tell me where you're from first."</I></lj-cut>

<B>Find the rest here:</b> http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1615321&chapter=1
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29th December 2003

mangakame11:25pm: Croikey! What a beaut!
Reported By: I'm to sexy for my car, to sexy for my hentai, to sexy for my avatar...
Story Or Series Title: Red Angel Reiasu(Say it three times fast)
Fandom: Super Fighting Robot... MEGAMAN!
X-Hunter Author's Name: Mercury Amazon

Full Name (plus titles if any): Miaka Rikai Tendou(Not related to Kasumi, but I wouldn't doubt if she still had a secret condom stash. Akane, however, does make an appearance as a bitchy doctor.)
Full Species(es): Human/Cyborg later on after a reploid bites her arm off. GO MECHADRAKE!
Hair Color (include adjectives): I'm guessing its black. She seems like a black-haired type. I really have no clue.
Eye Color (include adjectives): I'm 98% sure it never mentions it and I'm not taking another trip through this fic.
Unusual Markings/Colorations: She's got a robotic arm. I have this sneaking suspicion she's turning into Darth Vader.
Armor (or outfit): And I quote... "A magnificent set of white and lavendar armor. The helmet was crested with a circlet of gold bearing a triangular red jewel. The chest plate was lavendar, trimmed with gold, with wings painted across the breasts. The boots and bracers were streamlined rather than large and unwieldy, like Reploid boots. The most impressive aspect of the armor were the large silver wings hanging to the sides. It looked like they had a wingspan of at least ten feet. Each metallic feather looked razor-sharp."
Special Possessions (if any): Afformentioned armor and afformentioned robotic arm.

Annoying Origin: Comes from a family who's trying to turn her into a successful woman, but she just wants to get some sweet sweet Mr. Roboto lovin'.
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: She 'hates' Zero, she's in love with Agile, she's friends with X, and she made Protoman a real boy.
Annoying Special Abilities: She can fire kamehameha waves(no joke, Zero even goes: "Woah! Agile, did you just see her fire off that kamehameha!") heal people with her magical powers that noone seems to care about, glow white with energy, and see dead people. Or, at least see irregulars with cloaking devices that are about to make her entire fleet dead because she's to stupid to do anything but get her arm snacked on by a Mechadrake.
Other Annoying Traits: Angst angst angst angst angst angst! Argh! *explodes*

And, now, may you fall at the face of true evil. THE RED DEMON MAVERICK!....with a soft spot for angsty cuties.

She was on her way back to her dorm, having just woken up from biology class. She wasn't paying much attention to where she was going, as was her norm. He did see her coming, and waited to see if she would notice and run away. She did not, it seemed she was completely unaware of him.

Stupid human, he thought. Just like all the rest of them. Oblivious and self absorbed. Prey.

It was about then she plowed into him. She looked up... and up. He was taller than her by six inches, standing 6'5". His light violet eyes looked stormy. He was fully armored, wearing the same blood colored armor he had been found in. He stood like a statue, with only his long golden hair moving slightly with the wind.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said, embarrassed at her inattention. "I didn't hurt you did I?"

"You're human. How could you possibly hurt me?" he said curtly.

"Well, maybe I can't, but I was just making sure, you know."

She talks too much. He maintained his stoic, quasi-pissed off facade.

"I'm sorry," she reiterated. "I was being careless... are you going to say anything?"

"Shouldn't you be running in terror by now?" he said impatiently.


"Don't you know who I am?"

"You're the Red Demon Maverick, aren't you?"

No expression change. "Then why are you still here? I could kill you at any second."

"If you wanted to kill me, then wouldn't you have already done it?"

He narrowed his eyes. "So you're not afraid of me?"

"No." She stood calmly, unintimidated by the most feared Maverick in history. People around them made sure to keep their distance. "Actually I've always wanted to meet a Reploid."

"Why?" he scoffed. "Don't you have one?"

"No. My mother forbids me to ever have contact with them."

"Then why are you here?"

"Because I want to know Reploids."

"If that's all, you can find far more interesting specimens than me," he said, turning to leave.



"Because... well... actually I don't think that's true."

"Oh?" He stopped only to turn and give her a disdainful look.

"And besides, you're not just a specimen. If I wanted to be like that I'd stay home and listen to my mother."

"So why don't you?"

"Becuse I don't want to think like her. She says that you're all nothing but soulless scraps of metal who exist only to serve. I don't believe that. I don't believe that anything who can feel doesn't have a soul."

"And what do you know about what I feel?"

"I don't... I can only guess."

"Well then, what do you guess?"

"You seem very bitter. Of course, considering the amount of people out there who think like my mother does, I'm not surprised. You must get that a lot."

He didn't verbally answer.

"And these people assume you're dangerous just because of what you did before... but I'm not going to judge you based on that."

"Why not?"

"Because I don't want to be judged like that," she said. "I don't want people to think of me as an extension of my mother. Just because I've been under her control up until now doesn't mean I can't think for myself or be my own person... but people just don't think like that."

Zero remained silent yet again... but he had no further desire to run away. He couldn't quite believe what he was hearing. He was so used to orders and paranoia from humans... her timid bravery came as quite a surprise.

Then, that's when Zero pulled out his beam saber of your impertinent d00m and spilled her blood like milk past its expiration date.... at least I wish. But nooo, they have to become best friends... DAMNIT!

Then, another outsider showed up. He had appeared from the wastelands without explanation. He was human-type, standing seven feet tall. His optics were flat red, without pupil or iris, and slanted. His skin was deeply tanned. His armor, strangely lilac, was of alien design, with large sweeping shoulder and hip plates. He looked unimposing with his slednder build- he looked almost fragile. He spoke at twice the normal rate, and always seemed to move with agitated, nervous energy. Most people found him creepy- they could never tell what he was looking at. His name was Agile, and he became the most hated person at Hunter Headquarters.

I'll summarize the next bit for you...Despite the fact Agile puts the BEATDOWN on Zero in 2 seconds, noone really cares about him. Except for Miaka who finds his creepiness slightly erotic.

I'm waiting for Miaka to go Super Sayain... aaaaaany time now...

"I have an irrelevant question," Agile said.


"I don't shoot, I slash. With all those midair acrobatics you do with your saber, how the hell do you manage not to cut your hair?"

He didn't get a chance to answer, for at that moment a large bear Reploid bumped into Miaka. He turned on her instantly.

"Stupid fleshbag!" he snarled, rearing back a paw. He batted her aside, slamming her against the far wall hard enough to make cracks in it.

"MIAKA!" Agile and Zero immediately drew their sabers, setting them to Kill(They had to set them to kill because their sabers have other settings, such as 'annoy' and 'sextoy'). Agile moved first, snarling incomprehensibly as he lunged for him. Zero followed, even though he knew Agile would rip the bear to shreds in seconds.

He stopped cold when he saw Miaka glowing again. She was standing in front of the Miaka-shaped dent in the wall, wrapped in white light. It faded after a moment, all except for her eyes. They glowed as red as Agile's. She reached out, and a huge ball of bluish-white light slammed into the bear Maverick. Its eyes went dead, yet Agile still ripped into it. He slashed, roaring in fury like a lion. His saber went clean through the bear's decimated body, and only then did he stop, standing over the pieces. He was covered in black circulatory fluid, pointing the saber at the corpse as if daring it to move. Agile's simulated breathing for some reason was much heavier than usual, like a human's... His eyes glowed a brighter red as he snarled. Zero glanced nervously from Agile to Miaka, who seemed miraculously unharmed.

Neither moved. It was Zero who broke the silence.

"Um... what just happened?"

Miaka moved toward Agile, whose eyes dulled to their normal red. He dropped his saber, which deactivated, and ran to her.

"Miaka, are you hurt?"

"No," she said, oddly peaceful. "Not at all."

"I still want Salubri to take a look at you," Zero said as he approached.

"Are you sure you're okay? That impact should have killed you."

"I'm fine," she said a moment before she collapsed. Agile caught her.

"Did you see what I saw?" Zero asked.

"What do you mean?" he asked as he lifted Miaka effortlessly.

"Did you not see her glowing? Didn't you notice the Kamehameha she hurled at that guy?"

Miaka's some woman. She doesn't even have to find all 7 Dragonballs to wish Protoman back! Let's see Bulma do THAT!

Later, when Miaka was awake, Agile and Zero recounted the incident for Dr. Cain. X was present as well. Miaka had nothing to say during the conversation. She noticed a red armored Reploid in an adjacent room. He looked lifeless, but Miaka could tell he wasn't dead yet. She could also sense that this was the Relic, rebuilt. Dr. Cain noticed her curiosity.

"Oh, don't bother with that, Miss Tendou," he said. "I tried to fix it, but there's no reviving it. It's dead. I think I'll scrap it."

"The hell you will," she said. She walked boldly up to him. Zero noticed with a shiver that she was glowing again. She touched the Reploid's face, and he opened his gray eyes.

"Where... am... I?"

Agile and Zero exchanged a glance. Or at least, Agile turned his head toward Zero.

The red Reploid sat up, his attention fixed on Miaka. "Who are you? Where am I?"

"I'm Miaka Tendou," she said. "This is Maverick Hunter Headquarters. You've been out for about a hundred years, Protoman."

"How did you know my name?" he asked. "And where's my scarf??"

"I recognized you from my Robotics History class. You were in pretty bad shape when we found you. Your scarf was ripped to shreds, pretty much like the rest of you. Dr. Cain rebuilt you as a Reploid."

"A Reploid?!" Protoman's eyes widened. "Oh God, no! He really did it!"

"Did what?" Zero asked.

Protoman leveled his arm cannon at Zero. "I'll kill you this time!"

Miaka interposed herself. "Stop it, Protoman. Zero's my friend."

"He's a crazed killer! How do you think I ended up the way I did?"

X stepped into the room. "Don't hurt him! He'd never do anything like that! He's my best friend! We always play together in the bed! Sometimes we even invite iX and old man Jenkins over for an all-nighter!"

Okay, okay... I added that last part about the bed. But I know X was thinkin' it. I just know it! And now, for a change of pace, the best part of the story. Oh, by the by, everybody started calling Protoman 'Key' for no apparent reason, except that Miaka said she liked the named Key from Key the Metal Idol. And everybody wants some hot human girl loving, so they're all happy to oblige

"Sigma would never go nuts," Shinji said. "He's the doc's best design!"

Key said nothing, remembering that Forte too was another doctor's best design.

Forte had also betrayed his master.

Miaka circled higher. "Still nothing... wait."

"What?" Key demanded.

"I'm not sure what. It's a blank spot according to sensors... too blank. I sense life."


"Actually... there's little blank spots like that near... every hunter group..."

"Oh, shit!" Key raised his arm cannons. "Show yourselves!"

The Mavericks were happy to oblige him. There were at least a hundred of them that she could see. Her group was surrounded.

"Key!" she shouted. She folded her wings and fell into a dive. What she hoped to accomplish, she didn't know. She just knew she wanted to protect Key.

Key was busy fighting off two reptilian Reploids. Shinji was freaking out, while Rei was calmly blasting away at them. Miaka realized she was building up a lot of speed and flared her wings to slow herself. Her wings sliced through Key's attackers, cutting them in half and effectively killing her speed. She had
no time to be impressed with herself, for her wings instantly vanished.

"Don't send them away now!" Key snapped.

"I didn't!" she answered. "Someone's taken them!"

A moment later, the rest of her armor vanished. Key was not happy. At that point, Shinji screamed. Key and Miaka whirled, expecting to see Shinji being horribly killed. But instead, he was pointing upwards at an incoming dragon-type. He passed out a moment later.

The dragon saw Key and Miaka and made a dive for them. Miaka tried to muster the control to attack, but her fear distracted her. Key interposed himself, but the dragon knocked him aside with one arm. It reared back and struck at her, sinking its teeth into her shoulder. She screamed as the bones shattered in the
Reploid's jaws. Reflexively, she managed a minor blast. Only enough to annoy the dragon, unfortunately. It advanced on her again, this time ripping the limb off.

Fastforward a bit in the story...

The three of them used the teleporter to get there instantaneously. Instantly they were hit by the stench of death. Most of the human Hunters were either dead or almost there. The Reploids weren't faring well either. The blasted ground was stained red and black, littered by parts and limbs. X's green eyes were filling with tears, but no one noticed. Agile's scanner eyes picked up the worst news immediately.

"Dear God," he said, "it's a dragon type!"

Zero growled. "Let's take that one first. X, you help find the survivors and get them to Salubri NOW."

Agile took off at full speed, leaving Zero in the dust. He was madly scanning for Miaka, but she was not in the air as he expected. He found two readings close to her norm. One was on the dragon. He looked up, wishing he could just see for the millionth time.

"Zero," he said impatiently, "The dragon. He has something biological on him. What is it?"

The answer came through his helmet communicator, as Zero had yet to catch up.

"You don't want to know."

"Yes, I do. I'm looking for Miaka!"

".... He has her arm."

Agile's mind went cold. It was the same cold stillness that preceded his madness before. He searched for the other reading of her and found it near a mostly de-energized Key's. He dashed, his fear increasing his blinding speed. He arrived in four seconds. Key was looking about as beaten up as he had when Zero and Miaka found him. He was desperately trying to protect an unconscious Miaka.

The things Protoman will do to get some from a human.... or, partly human now. Gwahaha! If only the author went further into detail of the loss of the limb.

Find the rest here: http://www.fanfiction.net/search.php?typeid=2&categoryid=0&keyword=red+angel+reiasu&action=ready

The dumbass author decided to post each chapter as a seperate story instead of just one.
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19th December 2003

mangakame10:38pm: Reported By: Rama the insanely shiny one... that's still single
Story Or Series Title: Marione the Maverick Hunter
Fandom: MegaMan X
Irregular Author's Name: Rama

Aaagh! Its to powerful! The maverick virus has infected me!

Full Name (plus titles if any): Marione Mk II
Full Species(es): Repliroid
Hair Color (include adjectives): Blonde
Eye Color (include adjectives): Blonde(What a dumbass this Rama character is... there's no such thing as blonde eyes)
Unusual Markings/Colorations: Big breasts
Armor (or outfit) Woooooaaaaah nellie!
Special Possessions (if any): M-buster

Annoying Origin: But Miss Iris, I ain't know nothing 'bout birthin' no babies!
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: Iris' and Zero's long lost daughter of Vally Forge
Annoying Special Abilities: To pull a gun out of her skirt
Other Annoying Traits: She's a clone of the original Marione

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:
Marione mk II was hot and killed mavericks.

Find the rest here: http://www.yaoi.net/omfghessogay.htm

18th December 2003

megasues1:41pm: A quick note
The 17th was an important day for all of us here at MSHQ, but I think it's safe to say we were distracted by the insanely shiny Return of the King. So:

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16th December 2003

zayas_man11:43pm: Reported By:Zayas Man

Typical Mary Sue Story. It has it all: From Bad Jokes to the even more annoying Author's notes. (curse you Manga for taking all the good ones!)

Story Or Series Title: Bitter Rivaly
Fandom: Mega Man X
Maverick Author's Name: Holy Knight

Full Name (plus titles if any): Natalie
Full Species(es): Reploid
Hair Color (include adjectives): brown
Eye Color (include adjectives): brown *yawns*
Unusual Markings/Colorations: none
Armor (or outfit): A purple outfit
Special Possessions (if any): The only thing she has is a samurai sword that she uses to slice up monkeys. And no, I am not making this up.

Annoying Origin: She was mysteriously assigned to become X and Zero's new roomate.
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: Besides being the roomate, she causes friction between X and Zero. (Typical)
Annoying Special Abilities: Passing out after fighting monkeys
Other Annoying Traits: She doesn't have any other annoying traits but I despise seeing the author's notes all over this fic.

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story: “Zero…… are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Yea… She’s hoooooottttttt………… *drools*”

“Oh yea….. *drools* But anyways, we get to show her around! We’re awesome.”

“Ok I’m done changing now! You can come in now.”

“Let’s go!” Zero dashed in while X followed.

“Hello again, we never got your name.” stated Zero coolly.

“Oh sorry, I forgot. My name’s Natalie.” She stated firmly.

“Ok, *drools*”

“Zero…. Stop drooling. Sorry, he has wet dreams in his daydreaming and sleep. So lets go to training*drags Zero who is still drooling over Natalie.”

“Oh my God… boys are such perverts.” *follows*

Find the rest here: https://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1641511
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17th December 2003

mangakame9:24pm: Reported By: Seriously, Guys, Rama needs to get laid.
Story Or Series Title: Mega Girl Y(Why Y? Because its a bad pun!)
Fandom: MegaMan X
Irregular Author's Name: Persona

Full Name (plus titles if any): Chip
Full Species(es): Repliroid
Hair Color (include adjectives): Wait.. it'll come to me...
Eye Color (include adjectives): Eh... um....
Unusual Markings/Colorations: Erm.... um...
Armor (or outfit): "Black armored"
Special Possessions (if any): Hell, the author doesn't even half-describe his main character, how am I supposed to know all this shit?

Annoying Origin: MegaGirl Y and Zero built him in bed watching Matlock.
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: By sheer technicalities he's their son.
Annoying Special Abilities: To have the name of my best friend and run around filling a role that's already been filled
Other Annoying Traits: He calls Zero "Dad". That just grates on my nerves, for some reason

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:

Does this sample seem familiar? Probably because almost the entire story is ripped from the MMX1-4 scripts with Y and Chip thrown in,
Y points out a big reploid dragon that is flying away, then the three notice that the Sky Lagoon is starting to crumble.
Another Maverick enters the room and sees them.

Chip: "You're Dragoon from the 14th Unit!"

Dragoon: "This isn't good! That Maverick just destroyed the power reactor!"

Zero: What?! Then the Sky Lagoon will ... come crashing to the ground!"

Dragoon: "Yes, and it'll destroy the entire city below us."

Y: "We have to do something!"

Dragoon: "It's too late. It's time I made my escape. You three should do the same ..."

Dragoon warps out.

Y: "The city below will soon become a sea of flames. Many people will perish... We have no choice but to escape from here and head to the city below!"

Y, Zero and Chip warps out into the city, and finds it destroyed.

Chip: "Oh ... the ... humanity ..."

Y: "The city ... this is horrible ... They were innocent people ... I won't
forget this!"

Zero: "Yes. Those Mavericks will pay for this!"

Find the rest here: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1224407&chapter=4

15th December 2003

megasues12:02pm: Reported By: FanGirl Hunter A

Everyone sit down for a quick Mega Man lesson.

Around the time of MMX3 a set of collectible cards was released. It featured 8 new Mavericks and a new villain named IX. IX was basically X's evil twin. Unlike X, who holds back his powers and tries to find a peaceful route, IX just blasts everything in his way with his near unlimted powers. There was even a very cool manga with IX in it.

This is about his adventures in High School.

Story Or Series Title: This Dead November
Fandom: Mega Man X
Maverick Author's Name: CatGirl-Luna
Full Name (plus titles if any): Willow
Full Species(es): Human
Hair Color (include adjectives): The only thing said about it is it's short.
Eye Color (include adjectives): None said
Armor (or outfit):"and pulled out her blue jeans and her Chinese inspired top"

Special Possessions (if any): Lots of memories of her brother's tragic past. Maybe she's jealous.

Annoying Origin: High School girl who hates her family because her family drove her brother to kill himself. Although the exact way they drove him insane is never mentioned. I'm guessing they didn't drive him to the Mall.
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: Befriends a badly disguised IX (going by the very-normal name Comet). Will mostly likely show this insane power-crazy Maverick how to WUV!
Annoying Special Abilities: Everything she does is described to the smallest detail. We can't learn her eyecolor, but the author will gladly describe how she brushes her teeth, eats her breakfast, and watches TV to the smallest detail.
Other Annoying Traits: Being able to wake up at 5am by her Mom and not kill her.

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:

Has she considered the idea that her brother could have been crazy?

"You are such a wonderful daughter. Too bad your older brother couldn't of been more like you."

Willow's heart fell. Why did her mother ALWAYS have to compare her to him?

^"And anyway it was you and dad that made him insane. I'm surprised that I haven't gone crazy too."^

After her mother had finished giving Willow a hug she took the cooler out to the garage. Willow sighed and walked into the living room. She flopped down onto the couch and turned on the TV.

She flipped around the channels; nothing was on this morning except for the news. There was something about an assault on an employee at her father's lab. But she didn't really care much. They were all ass's at her father's job, so whoever did get assaulted deserved it. Willow turned the TV off and looked at the clock it was a few minuets before six. Willow stood up and went back upstairs to her room.

She walked into her room and grabbed her book bag. She trotted back down the stairs and shouted to her mother,

"Mom! I'm heading out!"

"Ok Honey! Take the spare key your father and I won't be home."

Willow grabbed the key from the coffee table and left. Willow almost always walked to school. It gave her a chance to breathe and just think. She always thought about what her brother said to her whenever their parents would do their trademark mind fuck on him. ~"Don't you ever let them get to you Willow. Don't you ever let them destroy you like they are me."~ Willow shook her head trying to get her brother's image out of her thoughts.

That night always played back inside her head. He wanted her to go with him to heaven, to jump from that roof and fall with him. He only wanted to protect her from them; from their parents. He had always said that she was his light and that she was the only thing that ever mattered to him.

IX: The Master of Disguise!

Willow turned down the hall and headed to Algebra class. Willow opened the class' door and sat down in her seat. The second bell rang; the rest of the students ran in followed by Mr. Uritogie.

"Alright class today I have a couple of announcements to make. First of all next week will be a vacation week for you all, because of course the school is in need of a few repairs and we all decided it would be easier to let you all have a week off. That means no homework today." All the kids cheered.

"Alright, alright settle down. Now the second thing is that we have a new student."

Mr. Uritogie walked over to the class room door and opened it; He waved to some one who was standing outside.

"Come on in."

Mr. Uritogie stood aside, and a boy stepped in. He was quite tall, his hair was a grayish silver, and he had a lightning bolt tattoo on his left cheek. Everyone including Willow watched as he walked in and stood in the center.

Mr. Uritogie shut the door,

"Alright introduce yourself and you can take that seat over next to Willow."

He pointed straight to the empty desk next to Willow.

"My name is Comet and I look forward to learning with all of you."

After he said those few words he walked down the isle and sat down.

"Alright class lets get down to business. Take out your math books and turn to page two hundred and one, Comet since you won't be getting your books until after next week, you may as well share with Willow for now."

Comet moved his desk over so that he could look at Willows math book.

Willow felt very odd having him so close, but she ignored that feeling. Math class went by rather quickly since Mr. Uritogie just wanted to play math games and only did one lesson in the book. All the kids piled out of the room going to their next classes. Willow stood up; she reached down and lifted her bag up and put it in her seat. She put her math book away and closed the bag back up.

Find the rest here: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1349792
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mangakame9:54pm: I probably know the guy who wrote this. I'm very, very sorry to say.
Reported By: That Card Rama (I'm still free as a bird, hotties)

Story Or Series Title: White Roses: Family Matters(Apparently its a sequel. why the bastard felt the need to write another atrocity...)

Fandom: RockMan

Irregular Author's Name: Saesama

This was just painful to read. I'm just thanking god he didn't write the sex scene.

Full Name (plus titles if any): RockMan. Yes, RockMan. I wasted my time reading this I'm going to Mary Sue it. He's waaaaaay out of character. So is everybody else.

Full Species(es): "Biroid"(It means you're a robot but can still get knocked-up)

Hair Color (include adjectives): Author didn't describe it, but Rock's hair is normally brown/black. It might as well be blonde in this story, though. I'm surprised Zero didn't make a guest appearance.

Eye Color (include adjectives): Same as above, only I think its either green/blue.
Unusual Markings/Colorations: He's f'ing pregnant! Look at that huge belly!

Armor (or outfit): Armor's the normal affair, I have no idea what his pregnancy clothes look like.

Special Possessions (if any): He has a baby X kicking around in his stomache.

Annoying Origin: Forte screwed Rock one to many times. One day Rock thought Forte had been a little rough on his manhood and had eaten it, only to realize he was a woman. And pregnant.
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: He's the wife of Forte. Not to mention X's mommy.
Annoying Special Abilities: To screw Forte, lose his weiner, turn into a woman get pregnant, and give birth to X.
Other Annoying Traits: Ever being born. Or, at least that's an annoying trait of the author.

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:

Forte paced the hall nervously, tugging absently at his bangs. Blues sat on the floor outside Rock and Forte’s room, Gospel on one side and Rush on the other, his shades in his lap, blue eyes watching Forte pace. No sound had come from the room except for low murmurs, since Roll, Dr. light and Rock had disappeared in there over four hours ago.

“I can see why Dr. Light didn’t want you in there.” Blues remarked dryly.

“Shut yer hole.” Forte muttered.

Things were quiet for a moment, then a burst of voices came from the closed room. Most prominent was Roll saying “Push, Rock, push!” The confusion went on for a time, then was raised in volume by the addition of a wailing infant. By now both Blues and Forte were on their feet, staring at the door as if expecting it to tell them what was going on behind it. The low murmurs reigned for about ten minutes, before the door opened to reveal a disheveled but happy looking Dr. Light.

“Come in, all of you. They’re both fine.” The doctor said with a tired smile.

The four filed in, almost timidly. Rock was sitting up in bed, holding a little bundle and smiling happily. Forte walked around the bed and sat next to Rock, leaning over to get a glimpse of the infant.

The baby was a little boy, with Rock’s cute cheeks and wide green eyes, but with a shock of bright purple hair across his forehead. He blinked sleepily at Forte then yawned, rolling against Rock, snuggling close. Forte opened his mouth then closed it, not wanting to spoil the mood by saying something retarded.

“How does Xavier sound for a name?” Rock asked softly. “I thought it was a good name for a boy.”

Forte smiled. “If we can call him X for short.”

Rock returned the smile. “Xavier. X.”

“Can I cry now?”

“Shut up, Blues.”


And the origins of X are finally explained. :3

Find the rest here: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1629079
mangakame2:42am: I found sick pleasure in reading this. I'm a strange, strange man.
Reported By: Rama the Handsome(with a great ass) Bachelor
Story Or Series Title: Ground Zero
Fandom: Either MegaMan or retarded grammar school
Irregular Author's Name: Pkira

Full Name (plus titles if any): Catastrof(aka the incredible slut Shade)
Full Species(es): Robot
Hair Color (include adjectives): "long brown hair"
Eye Color (include adjectives): violet... that's it.
Unusual Markings/Colorations: She blushes... a lot?
Armor (or outfit): This guy can't even coherently form a sentence, I doubt he even knows what a girl looks like.

Annoying Origin: Created by Dr. Light, "jump off the skyscraper and land on a table" in "West of Town"
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: Created by Dr. Light, Bass' ex-whore, Zero's new sextoy...
Annoying Special Abilities: To blush frequently, "accidently" kiss Zero, "accidently" fall ontop of Zero, and hug Bass. Without getting killed. Well, not immediately. He pushes her off the cliff later. Seriously.
Other Annoying Traits: Biggest. Whore. Ever.

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story: Zero:how can such a beautiful creature do us so much harm*he felt her smooth skin with the back of her hand*

Catastrof:twiches and begins waking up*

Zero:backs up a bit*she's waking up.....*leaned over her*

Catastrof:sits up and their lips met.She quickly pulled away blushing*

Zero:your awake*smiles*


Zero:are you ok?Your either sick or embarassed.

Catastrof:its nothing*the blush dissappears*


Catastrof:wait a second....It's you

Zero:yeah we had quite a run in earlier

Catastrof:where is bass?

Zero:i'm not sure

Catastrof:what a jerk*goes to stand up but falls on Zero*

Zero:uhhhh*blushes faintly*

Catastrof:sorry i guess i havn't got all my strenghth back yet

Zero:its ok*puts her back on the bed*


Dr.Light:walks in followed by megaman then Protoman*

Dr.Light:i see you have awaken Shade

Catastrof:how do you know my real name?

Dr.Light:i created you Shade...its me Dr.Light

Catastrof:looks stunned*

Find the rest here: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1637869

You may also notice the fic has exactly 666 words. Is this the best you can do, Dante? I laugh in your face.
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10th December 2003

megasues6:29pm: The Litte Mermaid?
Reported By: Zayas Man

I must admit this is one akward fic. (but then again so are most Mary sues I have read) The author sure has an obsession with Disney's The Little Mermaid.

Story Or Series Title: Seven Days
Fandom: Mega Man
Maverick Author's Name: MARISA

Full Name (plus titles if any): Fei Aipei. It was Chinese, and it had "something to do with beauty or love or something."</b>
Full Species(es): Human
Hair Color (include adjectives): not stated.
Eye Color (include adjectives): not stated. For being the "love" of Mega Man's life, the author sure didn't go out of her way to describe her.
Unusual Markings/Colorations: The only statement used to describe her is when Mega Man glanced at her face, "he was filled with a sudden mix of emotions he couldn't describe, all of them plesant."

Annoying Origin: One day Mega Man passes her on her everyday route from school to home. Ever since then, he becomes obsessed with her.
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: After Mega Man becomes infatuated with her, he wants to become human so he can win her heart. (thus making him into a very whiney and depressed character) He has his chance when he meets a mysterious woman who can make him human but at the cost of his voice.
Annoying Special Abilities: She doesn't do much, but she can make tea!
Other Annoying Traits: She is single since all the men she ever dated, "talked dirty and eat"
Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:

(This takes place after Mega Man turns human and loses his voice.)

"I hope you like tea." Aipei handed Rock the cup.

Rock watched her as she took a drink from a similar cup, and followed her actions. The sensations shocked him. He had never tasted anything before, and this tea gave his mouth a soft warm buzz. He wasn't exactly sure what to do with the tea once it was in his mouth, because the insides of a human were much different than those of a robot, and he wanted to make sure he didn't do anything wrong and choke to death. Luckily, reflex kicked in. His tongue moved backwards and pushed the tea down his throat, and he smiled, feeling the warm tea glide down his throat and warm him all over.

"Like it? My mother grows the leaves herself." Aipei smiled. She had invited Rock over after guessing his name, and he immediately accepted.

Rock looked around, admiring the watercolor paintings covering the walls of the living room.

Aipei followed his gaze, and explained, "My father is an aritist." She smiled cheerfully, "It's kind of funny, because I can't even draw a decent stick figure." She giggled, and Rock smiled.

Rock sipped the last of his tea, and set the cup down on a coffee table. The sun streamed in through the large windows, casting a golden light on the two. Rock stood up, and walked to the paintings to admire them up close.

"Wonderful artist, isn't he?" Aipei questioned. Rock turned and smiled, nodding in agreement.

Aipei smiled back, and sipped the last few drops of her tea.

//He's so different from other boys!/ She thought, //He's so polite, which is more than I can say for most of the guys I know./

She smiled to herself. Most of her friends set her up with guys, trying to get her a boyfriend. But all those men did were talk dirty and eat. They never even glanced at her father's paintings, and here Rock was, unable to take his eyes off them!

Find the rest here: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=732468&chapter=1
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7th December 2003

megasues1:09am: Because you (Well, one person) asked for it!
Reported by: FanGirl Hunter A

Tired of random Fangirl Japanese? Need a little spice in your life?
They try new Random Fangirl German! Because a girl who has been living in Amercia and then Japan for her entire life would use German at seemingly random times.

Story Or Series Title: Before the Shadows
Fandom: Mega Man
Maverick Author's Name: Ratha

Full Name (plus titles if any): Domino Wily. Domino? Domino?
Full Species(es): Human
Hair Color (include adjectives): "Blonde-haired"
Eye Color (include adjectives): "blue-eyed"
Unusual Markings/Colorations: "she had a friendly, roguish grin that put people at ease when they spoke to her and her open, guileless personality earned her many friends."

Annoying Origin: She's Dr. Wily's daughter. Wily must have hooked himself a younger, sickly (The Mom died before the fic began) wife! I mean, the guy is between 60 and 80! Go Wily! She lived in America all of her life and then was sent to Japan to annoy the hell out of help her father and Dr. Light.

Note to Fangirls: Dr. Light's home and lab is in America. (MM8)

Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: Wily's offspring and will mostly likely become Blues' best friend. And I'll bet she'll teach him to be his own person and help him escape so he can be freeeeee!
Annoying Special Abilities: She's super-smart, dontchaknow! She invented the Metool and the tender age of 11!
Other Annoying Traits: She's 12. 'Effn Preteens. And she speaks random German.

Now, I can't remember right now if Wily being German is canon or fanon. But please, please do not put random words in a different language that not everyone will understand! It doesn't matter if you put a handy-dandy list at the bottom of the fic explaining the words! People, even if English isn't their first language, just don't talk like that.

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:

All fall before Domino's (Domino?) wit!

Dr. Albert Wily glared at her and jabbed a finger at a computer screen that was playing a CG picture of him doing the macarena. "What the hell is this?!"

She glanced at Dr. Thomas Light, who was silently snickering nearby and trying to hide it. "It looks like you doing the macarena to me," she deadpanned.

Wily's glare darkened. "Don't be cute."

"Would you rather I be ugly?" she replied innocently.

Light made an odd noise that sounded like a muffled laugh.

Wily glared at his partner, then turned back to Domino. "How many times have I told you not to play with the computers?"

"Thirty-two thousand, four hundred eighty-seven times," she promptly announced with a faint grin.

Her father didn't seem pleased to have the exact count. Nor was he pleased with his friend's muffled laughter. He glared at them both, then paused when he saw Domino's smile. "No. Don't give me that look," he snapped. "You are not getting off the hook with that this time."

She pouted in response, giving him 'puppy-dog' eyes.

"And quit it with the eyes! I hate it when you do the eye thing!" Wily glared at her, but it wasn't as fierce as he'd hoped. "Stop it! Stop it right now! Haltestelle!"

She abandoned the puppy-dog eyes and gave him a sweet, heart-melting smile.

"That's even worse!" Wily glared at her for all of two seconds, then he sighed in defeat and smiled faintly at her. "Gehen. Get out of here. Go back to whatever diabolical plot you're working on right now."

Straight from the Fic: Domino's backstory!

Domino Wily had been living with her mother in America until recently, when Domino's mother died and Domino had been sent to live with her father. She took after her father in intelligence, having designed and built the popular Metools at only eleven years old. Now at twelve, she was currently assisting the two elder scientists in their latest project, along with working on her own. Blonde-haired and blue-eyed, she had a friendly, roguish grin that put people at ease when they spoke to her and her open, guileless personality earned her many friends. It had already won over both Light and her father, whom she had never seen until she came to Japan to live with him.

Find the rest here: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1156838

It's like if Disney made a Mega Man cartoon and decided what it needed was a young girl for the kids at home to identify with.
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megasues1:06am: I prefer Blues, myself.
Reported by: FanGirl Hunter A

Why do fanfic writers keep calling Protoman 'Break Man'? He was called that once in the third game and was never called it again. Isn't Protoman or Blues good enough?

What's scary is that I used ot have my own Mega Man fanmade character named Harmony. Except she used magic and was in the MMX world...but let's not dwell on my MS past...

Story Or Series Title: Harmony (because all Mega Man characters must be named after music. Even the humans.)
Fandom: Mega Man
Maverick Author's Name: An Insane Video Game Nerd

Full Name (plus titles if any): Harmony
Full Species(es): Human
Hair Color (include adjectives): A shockingly boring "Short Blonde Hair"
Eye Color (include adjectives): Blue. Not even sparkling!

Unusual Markings/Colorations: The lack of Mary Sue-like description for Harmony is made up for the fact that she's a teenager that's "...stood at around the same height as Proto Man..."

Protoman (No space) is 4'5. How she was able to take down a mugger I'll never know. (see below)

Special Possessions (if any): Her Teenagerhood. The fact that she's a teenager is mentioned at least once a paragraph. You know, in case anyone mistakes her for a preteen. Because teenagers are so grown-up. So the author must be one of these grand teenagers also I bet. Defintly not a pre-teen wishing she was a teenager. Teenager teenager teenager.

Annoying Origin: Harmony shows up one day to save Protoman from a Mugger.

Now, she does this because she knows Protoman is a robot so he can't hurt the mugger. This I understand.

What gives her the label of Mary Sue is that she kicks down the mugger and then pick him up and throw him over her shoulder! Someone twice her height! (Wait, the mugger is 8'10?)

Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: Harmony is winning Protoman's heart. Of course.

Annoying Special Abilities: Harmony can stop muggers twice her size by picking them up and throwing over her shoulder!

Other Annoying Traits: She's wearing a yellow vest, yellow shorts, and black sandles. I'm mentioning this because this outfit hurts every 'good taste' part in me.

As a bonus in this story there's also two fanmade robots. One's a female Mega Man that's green and brown (Ocarina), and the other is a green Bass (Gear). They just seem to be living at Light's house for no reason what-so-ever.

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:

Can you spot what's OC in Protoman right now? I bet you can!

“Yo Pops, I’m home!” Proto Man shouted as he ran through the door of Dr. Light’s lab.

The doctor walked up to the red robot, smiling. “Welcome home, Blues. Where’s your brother?”

Proto Man nodded to the door. “He’s coming.”

“Good.” Dr. Light’s smile grew wider. “You’ve got a visitor.”

“Oh really?” the red robot responded. “Who?”

“Why don’t you see for yourself?” The scientist nodded toward the living room. “She’s in there with Rina and Roll.”

Proto Man nodded to his creator and walked into the living room. Ocarina and Roll were sitting on either end of the couch, and between them was--

“Harmony?” The red robot stared at the blonde teenager.

Harmony turned to Proto Man and grinned. “You’re back!” She flung herself into his arms, causing him to blush. “And in one piece too! I was starting to worry. Oops, sorry!” She pulled away from him quickly. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

The red robot blinked in surprise at the teenager. “Ummm… Not really, no.”

Ocarina giggled. “You’re blushing, Blues.”

Proto Man stuck his tongue out at the green robot. “Am not!”

Roll laughed. “Yes you are, brother. You’re about as red as your helmet.”

She's the most teenaged teenager EVER!

A middle-aged woman with light brown hair and blue eyes walked out of the bedrooms toward the teenager. She wore a plain gray shirt with black pants. Her feet were bare. “Have you finished your chores?”

Harmony nodded. “I finished an hour ago.”

The woman looked at the teenager. “And you’ve taken your bath?”

Harmony looked back at her mother. “Mom, I’m a teenager. Don’t you think I know enough now to take baths without you asking me to do so?”

“I’m just making sure,” the woman replied.

The teenager sighed. “Yes, Mom, I took my bath. Can I go now?”

The woman nodded. “Don’t be out too long. I don’t like the idea of you being on the streets after dark.

“I’ll be fine,” Harmony assured the woman. “I took those judo and karate classes for a reason.”

“I still worry…” the woman replied.

“Don’t,” the teenager grinned. “I can take care of myself.”

“Just promise me you’ll be home before too long,” the woman said.

Bass and Protoman's fight! Even though they're not enemies in the games! And...Bass has a sister? Huh?

Proto Man growled. “Bass…”

The ebony robot smirked at the two from his perch on top of a nearby roof. “I didn’t know you had a girlfriend, Blues.”

The red robot glared at Bass. “Shouldn’t you be babysitting your sister or harassing Wily?”

The ebony robot shrugged. “Felt like destroying something.”

Proto Man aimed his plasma cannon at the Wilybot. “Oh? How would you like to be destroyed? I bet that’d be great fun!”

Bass laughed. “As if you could, Prototype.”

The red robot growled. He had been created as a prototype for Mega Man, but he hated being called that. He was just as powerful as his brother. If he had a bit more battle experience, he could very well be an even match for Mega Man.

“Of course he could!” Harmony shouted at the ebony robot. “Heck, *I* could if I wanted!”

Proto Man glanced at the teenager. “Harmony, get out of here. Bass is a struggle for Mega Man, so you wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Harmony glanced back at the red robot. “I’m not leaving you alone to fight him. If Mega Man struggles with him you probably do as well and could use some help.”

Proto Man shook his head. “Not from a human.”

The teenager crossed her arms over her chest. “What, are we prejudice now?”

The red robot looked at Harmony. “If you stay here, I’ll have to worry about protecting the both of us. If you leave, I won’t have to worry about anyone but myself, so I’ll stand a better chance. You’d only get in the way in this fight, so go!”

“Hmph! Fine.” The teenager walked away from the battlefield.

Bass laughed at the two. “I can see who wears the pants in your relationship.”

Proto Man glared at the ebony robot. “Shut up.”

Find the rest here: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1061001
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megasues1:03am: Because Child Abuse = Insty Backstory!
Reported By: FanGirl Hunter A

Not only is it a Song Fic, but the first 3/4 of the first chapter is just a song (not connected to the story) and the author introducing the character!

Story Or Series Title: <url=http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1330306&chapter=1>Fate in the Mega man X world</url>
Fandom: Mega Man X
Maverick Author's Name: Demonades
Full Name (plus titles if any): Jen
Full Species(es): Human who becomes 'Animated'
Hair Color (include adjectives): Her hair was longer though and held a golden luster it hadn't had before..
Eye Color (include adjectives): Her eyes were still that sapphire blue but her chest grew heavy as she spotted the sadness in their depths

Unusual Markings/Colorations: Her skin is now the 'color of light honey', which means it's now yellow. That can't be healthy.
Special Possessions (if any): She has strange dreams about shadowy figures walking towards her.
Annoying Origin: Her father abused her non-stop when she was little (of course) so she runs out to her balcony and gets magically teleported to the Mega Man X world.

Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: X can't stop thinking about her and she's going to turn out to be Zero's TRUE WUV!!!
Annoying Special Abilities: She manages to be a huge Mega Man X fan but can barely remember who Sigma is. Right.

Other Annoying Traits: She's causing Zero to have a zillion or so 'strange mental attacks'. Or the author thinks Zero has them all the time.

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:

Are there any Dads in Fanfics who don't abuse their daughters?

She squeezed her eyes tight as she remembered what had happened that day......

Jen was just sitting down playing with her baby doll and her tmnt action figures at a tea party when her father barged in.

Taken one look at his seven year old daughter he kicked the table with her dolls flying through the air.

Biting her lip Jen let out a wail of tears, putting her small hands to her eyes. Her cheeks reddened as her father began his yelling and abuse.

" Shut- up you brat!!!" he picked the girl up by her shirt and slapped her across the face. " I said shut- up!!!" Jen quivered in fear as he dragged her upstairs. Sitting her down roughly on the bed he began once again telling her lives about her family and her, lies which she believed.

When she left she sobbed quietly as her father snuck up on her, pushing her down the long path of stairs.

Jen fell unconscious, the echo of her father's cruel laughter in her brain.


Jen observed them, they loked more realistic in the game and more dangerous.

She didn't like the cruel look in Zero's eyes, it reminded her of her father. In a way, it reminded her of that little part of herself who didn't care anymore, the part who knew there was nothing to live for , the part that had no hope in life except to wait for death.

It was something Jen wanted more than anything and yet there was that part of her that so desperately wanted to be loved and love in return, who wanted to have friends, to have people care about her but she knew it couldn't be and she didn't even know if she wanted it afterall. In fact being loved and having someone care for her, love her was something that scared her to death.

Her heart and her chest began to feel heavy.

Looking over at X, Jen felt an unexplainable joy sweep through her, something unknown. She loved the look of his face and especially his eyes. They reminded her of the bigger half of herself. Nomatter how much she tried she couldn't get rid of her naive nature or her innocent outlook on life. She was always a goody- goody. Always having to do the right thing. Looking at mega man's sweet face always made her feel safe and warm inside and and unexplainable blush found it's way to her cheeks. Bowing her head down she covered it with her long golden tresses which now went down to her mid- back area.

Clearing her emotions she once again looked up as X came up to her, " Hi, I'm X and this is my friend Zero."

Smiling she said, " Hi, nice to meet you X and Zero. I'm Jennifer but you can call me Jen if you want."

X smiled giving her that smile that reminded her of Goku off Dragon Ball Z, her favorite anime.

X then told Jen everything up to when she showed up.

" Oh well I really don't know how I got here, one thing I know is that I'm sleeping on my bed and then I find myself here."

X looked at her with a dumbfounded look.

Later Jen sat in the bedroom X and Zero had shown her to.

Find the rest here: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1330306&chapter=1
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