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Déjà vu?

Reported By: Zayas Man

At a first glance, this Mary Sue bears a striking resemblance to Bitter Rivaly, which is another Mary Sue I reported. (see below) Upon a closer look, I can definitely say this is much worse.

Story Or Series Title: MegaZero
Fandom: Megaman X
Maverick Author's Name: Trunks Goddess

Full Name (plus titles if any): MegaZero (The author is not even trying to be sad)
Full Species(es): Reploid
Hair Color (include adjectives): Blond
Eye Color (include adjectives): blue
Unusual Markings/Colorations: None
Armor (or outfit): she wears a purple armor
Special Possessions (if any): She carries a sword
Annoying Origin: She was assigned to become Zero and X's new roommate.
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: Ever since she has arrived, Zero starts having feelings for her. She also becomes Iris' rival for Zero.
Annoying Special Abilities: The only thing she does is swing her sword and making Iris jealous

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:
Megazero followed Zero through the hallway. She looked at his face. He looked so perfect. **I wonder how strong he is** Her eyes were set on his whole body. She couldn't look away. **It's not smart to look at him like that, but I-** Megazero tripped and fell down. She felt herself turn red as she saw Zero bend over.
"You should watch where you're going, Mega." Zero said as he held his hand out to her. Megazero looked up at him.
"Mega?" She replied. Zero took her hand and pulled her up.
"Yeah, that's what I'll call you." Zero replied. Megazero looked at him with such curiosity. "You know, like a nickname." He added. Megazero nodded. **What is Zero getting at? Or am I just.. No. Get it out of your system**
Iris came skipping through the hall. She stopped and saw Zero put his hand out to a girl on the floor. He bend down and took her hand and pulled her up. **Who is she?** "He's talking to her and he's not letting go of her hand!!" Iris whispered to herself as she walked toward them. Iris waved as she yelled. "Zero!!" Zero looked over and watched Iris walk over to them. "Hi, Zero. Who's this?" Zero looked at Iris and smiled.
"Hi, Iris. This is-" Zero let go of Megazeros' hand. "Megazero." Megazero shook Iris' hand.
"Hi, Iris. Nice to meet you." Iris smiled.
"Nice to meet you too, Megazero." Iris turned to Zero. "Lets go eat lunch." Zero nodded. "Lets go." Zero, Iris and Megazero walked to the cafeteria. Zero showed Megazero around the cafeteria. "Hey Megazero, I'll be right back. Hey Iris why don't you two get us something to eat?" Iris smiled.
"Okay." Her voice had a cheerful tone to it until Zero left. "Megazero." Iris said as they walked up and looked at the food. "What were you doing holding Zeros' hand?" Her voice sounded normal, but it still made Megazero feel strange.
"Well, I tripped and he was just helping me up. Why? Are you his girlfriend?"
"Are you giving me attitude?" Iris snapped. Megazero looked at her.
"No, I was just asking." Megazeros' voice started to rise. Iris grabbed two plates of salad.
"You better be. Cause Zero likes girls who are very pretty." Megazero grabbed a salad plate as well. "He doesn't like girls who fight mavericks. He thinks they are like guys." Iris continued. "I'm surprised he hasn't made fun of you yet." Iris took the plates to a table. Megazero took a seat across from her.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Megazero growled. Iris noticed Zero approaching.
"You'll see." Iris said as she added ranch to her salad. Zero took a seat next to Iris.
"What did you guys talk about?"
"Nothing." Megazero replied. Iris smiled as she watched Zero eat the salad. "Boy, I'd hate to have people watch me eat." Megazero whispered to herself. Iris looked up and asked.
"Nothing." Iris placed her fork down and got up.
"Are you talking about me?" Her voice was firm.
"Maybe." Megazero took a bite of her lunch. Iris looked mad. Zero was about to say something when Iris asked loudly.
"What is it?"
"If you wanna know-" Megazero rose from her seat. "I said stop starting at Zero. Poor guy would probably want to eat his lunch without having someone staring at him." Zero reached out to grab Iris's arm to try to sit her down, but quickly, Iris pushed Megazero with all of her strength. Megazero flew back and crashed into the food stand causing all the food, drinks, soups, and dressings to fall all over Megazero. Everyone in the cafeteria turned around to the commotion and saw a hunter covered in ranch, soup and salad. They all couldn't help but laugh. Zero got up and tried to help Megazero up.
"Mega, (haha) are you (hahaha) okay?" Zero was laughing. Megazero looked at him, then Iris and back to Zero. **He's laughing at me, and so is the whole maverick hunter team.** Megazero eyes filled with tears. Iris walked over as Zero took Megazeros hand and tried to help her up but she just ended up slipping, causing the room to fill up with even louder laughs and cries.
"I'm so sorry, Megazero. I didn't mean to, it's just that." Iris didn't finish. Megazero couldn't take it anymore; she pushed Zero and ran out of the cafeteria crying. Zero was about to run after her when Iris grabbed his arm.
"Zero, Don't. I don't think she wants to talk to anyone right now." Zero watched Megazero run out of the cafeteria.

Find the rest here:
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