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I prefer Blues, myself.

Reported by: FanGirl Hunter A

Why do fanfic writers keep calling Protoman 'Break Man'? He was called that once in the third game and was never called it again. Isn't Protoman or Blues good enough?

What's scary is that I used ot have my own Mega Man fanmade character named Harmony. Except she used magic and was in the MMX world...but let's not dwell on my MS past...

Story Or Series Title: Harmony (because all Mega Man characters must be named after music. Even the humans.)
Fandom: Mega Man
Maverick Author's Name: An Insane Video Game Nerd

Full Name (plus titles if any): Harmony
Full Species(es): Human
Hair Color (include adjectives): A shockingly boring "Short Blonde Hair"
Eye Color (include adjectives): Blue. Not even sparkling!

Unusual Markings/Colorations: The lack of Mary Sue-like description for Harmony is made up for the fact that she's a teenager that's "...stood at around the same height as Proto Man..."

Protoman (No space) is 4'5. How she was able to take down a mugger I'll never know. (see below)

Special Possessions (if any): Her Teenagerhood. The fact that she's a teenager is mentioned at least once a paragraph. You know, in case anyone mistakes her for a preteen. Because teenagers are so grown-up. So the author must be one of these grand teenagers also I bet. Defintly not a pre-teen wishing she was a teenager. Teenager teenager teenager.

Annoying Origin: Harmony shows up one day to save Protoman from a Mugger.

Now, she does this because she knows Protoman is a robot so he can't hurt the mugger. This I understand.

What gives her the label of Mary Sue is that she kicks down the mugger and then pick him up and throw him over her shoulder! Someone twice her height! (Wait, the mugger is 8'10?)

Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: Harmony is winning Protoman's heart. Of course.

Annoying Special Abilities: Harmony can stop muggers twice her size by picking them up and throwing over her shoulder!

Other Annoying Traits: She's wearing a yellow vest, yellow shorts, and black sandles. I'm mentioning this because this outfit hurts every 'good taste' part in me.

As a bonus in this story there's also two fanmade robots. One's a female Mega Man that's green and brown (Ocarina), and the other is a green Bass (Gear). They just seem to be living at Light's house for no reason what-so-ever.

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:

Can you spot what's OC in Protoman right now? I bet you can!

“Yo Pops, I’m home!” Proto Man shouted as he ran through the door of Dr. Light’s lab.

The doctor walked up to the red robot, smiling. “Welcome home, Blues. Where’s your brother?”

Proto Man nodded to the door. “He’s coming.”

“Good.” Dr. Light’s smile grew wider. “You’ve got a visitor.”

“Oh really?” the red robot responded. “Who?”

“Why don’t you see for yourself?” The scientist nodded toward the living room. “She’s in there with Rina and Roll.”

Proto Man nodded to his creator and walked into the living room. Ocarina and Roll were sitting on either end of the couch, and between them was--

“Harmony?” The red robot stared at the blonde teenager.

Harmony turned to Proto Man and grinned. “You’re back!” She flung herself into his arms, causing him to blush. “And in one piece too! I was starting to worry. Oops, sorry!” She pulled away from him quickly. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

The red robot blinked in surprise at the teenager. “Ummm… Not really, no.”

Ocarina giggled. “You’re blushing, Blues.”

Proto Man stuck his tongue out at the green robot. “Am not!”

Roll laughed. “Yes you are, brother. You’re about as red as your helmet.”

She's the most teenaged teenager EVER!

A middle-aged woman with light brown hair and blue eyes walked out of the bedrooms toward the teenager. She wore a plain gray shirt with black pants. Her feet were bare. “Have you finished your chores?”

Harmony nodded. “I finished an hour ago.”

The woman looked at the teenager. “And you’ve taken your bath?”

Harmony looked back at her mother. “Mom, I’m a teenager. Don’t you think I know enough now to take baths without you asking me to do so?”

“I’m just making sure,” the woman replied.

The teenager sighed. “Yes, Mom, I took my bath. Can I go now?”

The woman nodded. “Don’t be out too long. I don’t like the idea of you being on the streets after dark.

“I’ll be fine,” Harmony assured the woman. “I took those judo and karate classes for a reason.”

“I still worry…” the woman replied.

“Don’t,” the teenager grinned. “I can take care of myself.”

“Just promise me you’ll be home before too long,” the woman said.

Bass and Protoman's fight! Even though they're not enemies in the games! And...Bass has a sister? Huh?

Proto Man growled. “Bass…”

The ebony robot smirked at the two from his perch on top of a nearby roof. “I didn’t know you had a girlfriend, Blues.”

The red robot glared at Bass. “Shouldn’t you be babysitting your sister or harassing Wily?”

The ebony robot shrugged. “Felt like destroying something.”

Proto Man aimed his plasma cannon at the Wilybot. “Oh? How would you like to be destroyed? I bet that’d be great fun!”

Bass laughed. “As if you could, Prototype.”

The red robot growled. He had been created as a prototype for Mega Man, but he hated being called that. He was just as powerful as his brother. If he had a bit more battle experience, he could very well be an even match for Mega Man.

“Of course he could!” Harmony shouted at the ebony robot. “Heck, *I* could if I wanted!”

Proto Man glanced at the teenager. “Harmony, get out of here. Bass is a struggle for Mega Man, so you wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Harmony glanced back at the red robot. “I’m not leaving you alone to fight him. If Mega Man struggles with him you probably do as well and could use some help.”

Proto Man shook his head. “Not from a human.”

The teenager crossed her arms over her chest. “What, are we prejudice now?”

The red robot looked at Harmony. “If you stay here, I’ll have to worry about protecting the both of us. If you leave, I won’t have to worry about anyone but myself, so I’ll stand a better chance. You’d only get in the way in this fight, so go!”

“Hmph! Fine.” The teenager walked away from the battlefield.

Bass laughed at the two. “I can see who wears the pants in your relationship.”

Proto Man glared at the ebony robot. “Shut up.”

Find the rest here:
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