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I probably know the guy who wrote this. I'm very, very sorry to say.

Reported By: That Card Rama (I'm still free as a bird, hotties)

Story Or Series Title: White Roses: Family Matters(Apparently its a sequel. why the bastard felt the need to write another atrocity...)

Fandom: RockMan

Irregular Author's Name: Saesama

This was just painful to read. I'm just thanking god he didn't write the sex scene.

Full Name (plus titles if any): RockMan. Yes, RockMan. I wasted my time reading this I'm going to Mary Sue it. He's waaaaaay out of character. So is everybody else.

Full Species(es): "Biroid"(It means you're a robot but can still get knocked-up)

Hair Color (include adjectives): Author didn't describe it, but Rock's hair is normally brown/black. It might as well be blonde in this story, though. I'm surprised Zero didn't make a guest appearance.

Eye Color (include adjectives): Same as above, only I think its either green/blue.
Unusual Markings/Colorations: He's f'ing pregnant! Look at that huge belly!

Armor (or outfit): Armor's the normal affair, I have no idea what his pregnancy clothes look like.

Special Possessions (if any): He has a baby X kicking around in his stomache.

Annoying Origin: Forte screwed Rock one to many times. One day Rock thought Forte had been a little rough on his manhood and had eaten it, only to realize he was a woman. And pregnant.
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: He's the wife of Forte. Not to mention X's mommy.
Annoying Special Abilities: To screw Forte, lose his weiner, turn into a woman get pregnant, and give birth to X.
Other Annoying Traits: Ever being born. Or, at least that's an annoying trait of the author.

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:

Forte paced the hall nervously, tugging absently at his bangs. Blues sat on the floor outside Rock and Forte’s room, Gospel on one side and Rush on the other, his shades in his lap, blue eyes watching Forte pace. No sound had come from the room except for low murmurs, since Roll, Dr. light and Rock had disappeared in there over four hours ago.

“I can see why Dr. Light didn’t want you in there.” Blues remarked dryly.

“Shut yer hole.” Forte muttered.

Things were quiet for a moment, then a burst of voices came from the closed room. Most prominent was Roll saying “Push, Rock, push!” The confusion went on for a time, then was raised in volume by the addition of a wailing infant. By now both Blues and Forte were on their feet, staring at the door as if expecting it to tell them what was going on behind it. The low murmurs reigned for about ten minutes, before the door opened to reveal a disheveled but happy looking Dr. Light.

“Come in, all of you. They’re both fine.” The doctor said with a tired smile.

The four filed in, almost timidly. Rock was sitting up in bed, holding a little bundle and smiling happily. Forte walked around the bed and sat next to Rock, leaning over to get a glimpse of the infant.

The baby was a little boy, with Rock’s cute cheeks and wide green eyes, but with a shock of bright purple hair across his forehead. He blinked sleepily at Forte then yawned, rolling against Rock, snuggling close. Forte opened his mouth then closed it, not wanting to spoil the mood by saying something retarded.

“How does Xavier sound for a name?” Rock asked softly. “I thought it was a good name for a boy.”

Forte smiled. “If we can call him X for short.”

Rock returned the smile. “Xavier. X.”

“Can I cry now?”

“Shut up, Blues.”


And the origins of X are finally explained. :3

Find the rest here:
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