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Zayasman returns!

Reported By: Zayas Man

When three writers come together to make a Mary Sue, I would hope it would turn out to be a decent one. However after reading this, I have never been more wrong.

Story Or Series Title: I don't care about the Maverick Hunters
Fandom: Mega Man X
Maverick Authors' Name: Midi Nathali, GavesnakeX and Gavesnake's cousin Laura.

Full Name (plus titles if any): Midi Nathali
Full Species(es): Reploid
Hair Color (include adjectives): Black
Eye Color (include adjectives): It could be red, blue or even green. Apparently all three authors couldn't decide on one or simply, they didn't care.
Unusual Markings/Colorations: None
Armor (or outfit): Dark purple armor
Special Possessions (if any): Saber and blaster, the usual typical Mary Sue weapons

Annoying Origin: A reploid in the special 0 unit who was taught by X and Zero. Apparently she is part cat since she meows every once in a while
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: She is in wuv with Dynamo and doesn't want to hunt him down. But alas, Zero also has feelings for her!
Annoying Special Abilities: none, she is just plain annoying.
Other Annoying Traits: Besides with sleeping with Reploids, she has an annoying trait to be late for meetings.

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:
X and Zero has always warned me about going on a mission without any Sub-tanks, but I was so overconfident this time…this could cost my life! Whilst I’m thinking on this I get to an old building. I bet I can find something there…

“meow..I shouldn’t enter here…I don’t have enough energy if I catch up with some other Mavs I’ll be in troubles..” unexpectedly I start to hear a few steps behind me “Stop Maverick Hunter!” a voice orders me, I’m not in conditions to have a fight so I obey the instructions without hesitation and I turn on my heels to face my enemy “Who are you?” He doesn’t answers. I can’t distinguish the figure in front of me, slowly I notice the light from a beam sabre, there’s no doubt he’s ready to attack, but now…with the light of the sabre I can identify my enemy “..Dynamo..” I say under my breath. Before I can recover myself, Dynamo runs headed to attack me. “Stop! I don’t want to fight!!” I yell to him..

“Hahaha.. You think I’m stupid? Attack fucking’ bitch!!!”

Bitch!?… Mavericks… They’re always the same; insolents, they don’t have respect for the girls?… that sentence hurts Midi deep in her heart.. but what she could expect from a Maverick? Besides she had never told him her feelings, in fact it’s the first time she’s so close to him.

Dynamo begins to shoot at her she could not do anything but dodge his attacks, she doesn’t wants to fight him, but he’s forcing her to.

Why am I doing this?…”I don’t want to fight! stop!” She yells again.

Suddenly Dynamo stands in front of her “I think I remember you.. you’re that rookie I nearly kill some time ago…” She could not help but stare at him, waiting for the fatal blow

This is my last chance I won’t leave without what I want. Quickly Midi holds Dynamo in a hug, and reaches his mouth and then she gives him a passionate kiss. Dynamo’s wide open eyes slowly closed as he returned the kiss, and embraces her in a possessive hug. That time seemed eternal for both. And she broke up the kiss, blushing brightly “I.. I’m sorry..” “I thought you were a Maverick Hunter” “I’m.. but, I don’t want to hurt you or took you to the Head Quarters.. but if I told ‘em I’m in love with you.. they’ll kill both of us” Oops Why I can’t shut my mouth?.. I think I’m a fool

“You’re…in love??.. w.. with me??”

“Yes, since I knew you, when you nearly killed me”

“Kid, are you crazy? If they find it out…they’ll regard you as a Maverick, and…I-I.. I don’t want nothing bad happens to you because of me…” Those were the first true words to come out from Dynamo’s mouth in his whole life.

Find the rest here:
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